Looking to Sell Your Car For Cash on Long Island? Your appraisal is usually done within 30 minutes and we guarantee the value for 7 days. Get an Instant Cash offer by clicking the banner below.

Many people ask; How can I sell my car for cash on Long Island? VIP Automotive group provides you with a fast appraisal and cash offer for your car. We make the process quick and easy.


The appraisal value is based on the following:
  • Current Market Pricing
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Carfax Report

Our team will inspect the exterior & interior of your car or truck and assess wear and damage.

The packages, features & options that your car or truck is equipped with.

Servicing and accident records give good insight into a vehicle's background.

We will perform a test drive to check brakes, steering and other things.

Here at VIP Automotive Group, we buy cars of any make or model. If you're looking to sell your car, no matter the condition, get in touch with VIP Automotive Group to get your cash offer. We understand that sometimes you just want to get rid of an older car, but you're afraid it's not worth anything. We will inspect your vehicle, inside and out, to determine what it's worth and give you a competitive cash offer. It's an easy and effective solution for getting an extra vehicle off your hands and also getting some extra cash to put towards a new vehicle or another investment. Don't worry about having an extra car in your driveway that you no longer want to drive. Instead, come to VIP Automotive Group to get your cash offer for your vehicle. 


VIP Automotive Group is a company you can count on. We hold our dealership to the highest of standards regarding customer service. We will work with you to come to a fair deal so that everyone is happy with the outcome. Also, if you're looking to trade in your vehicle for one of our other cars available on the lot, don't hesitate to reach out to us because we can assist with that too. We're always willing to sit down with our customers and talk through a deal to make sure everyone is on the same page and discuss all the options available to you. We value you, which is why our loyal customers continue to come back to VIP Automotive Group.

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